Why Hire A Professional Photographer { Newborn Specialist }

This is why….

I am a professional newborn photographer. I am licensed, insured and trained. I studied the art of photography. Why do I start by saying this? I say this because I know there are a lot of photographers to choose from… photographers that meet every budget, style and then some! However I am confident after reading this blog that you will think twice about who you hire.

I have photographed hundreds of newborns and their families over my 6 years in business. I have taken training and posing classes, along with learned the art of newborn photography. How to safely pose and handle your babies. All of my props are safe and all of my poses are done safely to ensure your baby is never in harm. I continue to push myself with online and in person education classes. Not only do I continue to educate myself I also teach the art of newborn photography to other aspiring photographers.

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I think its important to do your homework and get referrals on any big decision including photography. Ask friends, family and neighbors. Referrals are the best ‘compliment’ my clients can offer me. I also encourage you to check online resources such as Yelp, make sure to really check the photographers portfolio, ask to see full sessions and recent work. Any photographer can get 1-2 good images so make sure your seeing more then just 1-2 good images of a session.  PLEASE Make sure the photographer that your hiring has been vaccinated, is insured and is operating with a proper business license. After all you are taking your most precious gift to them and entrusting that they are a professional. Make sure they have taken safety and posing courses, that they have studied the art of newborn photography. I don’t say this lightly. Its truly an art.

While I know I am not the cheapest photographer I do know that I can execute consistency in my sessions. I know that I can commit to client satisfaction and grantee that you will be satisfied with the gallery you are receiving. I know that the art being placed in your home will last for years to come. That your memories with last for a life time.

I run a fully operating photography studio that is located in the city of Rancho Cucamonga. I do not operate a home based business, My studio is full of high end props and products for your session. I invite you to come in and enjoy my space. Relax have some snacks and allow me to work my magic. I take care of everything during the session. All you need to worry about is getting to me. My cost reflect my overhead and I know that I am not the most affordable but I am as affordable as I can be in order to remain profitable and to continue to offer all that I can.

When I received the email from Expertise noting that I had been  mentioned as one of the best newborn photographers in the city I was beyond pleased. It was simply a reflection of all the hard work I have put into my business. All the tears, sweat and dedication. Thank you to all of the clients that have trusted me and hired me to capture your precious memories.  I am truly blessed.

If you ever have any questions or would like to tour the studio, never hesitate to ask. I would love to show you what Ive built.




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