Newborn Session Info

Once you schedule a session with me, I will email you additional information.
Below is just a few good to know FAQs
When do newborn sessions take place?
The Ideal time to capture newborns is at 3-10 days to ensure we can capture those magical newborn images. Session are best scheduled within that time frame, Newborns this young are more tolerant of being posed and moved. They are also more likely to “curl up” and remain sleepy for the duration of the session. If however your baby is older than 2 weeks, don’t worry, we can still capture beautiful photos-it may just take more effort on both parts, a little more time and you may not get all the poses you want.
Whens the best time to book a Newborn Session?
I recommend booking your newborn session before you enter your last trimester of pregnancy. Don’t wait until you delver… I may be booked. Don’t worry about not knowing when exactly baby will come. I just need to know a tentative due date and we will plans to shoot your session sometime within 10 days of that date. Once baby arrives please contact me asap so we can make sure we get you scheduled.
Where does the session take place?
Sessions will take place in my studio in Upland, Ca. We have a 2000 sq foot studio that is dedicated to photography. The studio gets gorgeous natural light and is filled with a verity of props and blankets for your little ones. At this time I am not currently offering on-location newborn sessions.
How long does a session last?
Newborn sessions often run long due to the nature of nurturing a new baby, they often need a little more time to pose and perfect. Please expect a minimum of 3 hours to complete your session. I do not rush the session, Baby’s comfort and safety is my number one priority so I let baby take as many breaks as needed. Newborn Photography is truly an art, unlike no portrait session you have ever experienced.
How do I book a session?
I only take a limited about of clients a week so I recommend booking with me before your in your second trimester. Once we set up a date, I will mark you down on my schedule using your tentative due date. I do ask that you contact me as soon as baby is born (ideally within the first couple of days and absolutely before baby is 7 days) and we will select an actual date at that time.
Can I bring something special like an heirloom or prop to include in the session?
Yes! I encourage my clients to bring a little something to incorporate in the session to make it more “them”. Whether your a huge sports fan, or a military member, have something that’s been passed down through generation I will do my best to include them into the session. I will go over more information with you via email on this one once you are set up on my calendar.
Can siblings and parents be in a few shots?
Yes! Of course I always encourage parent and siblings shots…… However I do recommend that siblings come the last 30-60 minutes of the session due to the length of the newborn session. Little ones tend to get cranky having to wait around for that long (my little one would too!).
Anything else I should bring?
For baby: A “soothie” pacifier-the greenish kind they have in hospitals. These are GOLD in keeping them asleep! Even if baby don’t take a pacifier or you don’t want to use one I recommend bringing one. It makes transitioning position much easier. Often times babies just need a little soothing and will settle right down. You can toss the pacifier out after your session but I do highly high recommend not forgetting it.
Once you book, I will send you a full detailed information kit with everything you’ll need for session.
For parents: If you plan on being photographed please come ready and have a solid blank or white form fitting shirt. Since sessions tend to last a few hours I recommend bringing something to keep you company. A good book or iPad tablet will do the trick! Your welcome to bring food or snacks with you to the session, I recommend it. We all get hungry while we wait.
What Training have you had?
I attend a Newborn posing and safety 2 days workshop back in 2012. I learned from a professional and established photographer who taught me all the ins and outs of Newborn photography. I am also part of various groups that include continuing education. Since attending my workshop, I have practiced and perfected my skills and now offer mentoring to other local photographers which keeps me current and learning as I teach.
I look forward to working with you and your growing family.
My goal is to give you a memorable and exceptional experience…
I can’t wait to document this import time in your life.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me anytime.